Sunday, January 12, 2014

New ornaments!!!

A friend gave me these awesome ornaments last week. Aren’t they… awesome? The only complaint I have is that the Family Truckster should have “honky lips” spray painted on the side.

I'm looking forward to putting these on my tree in twelve months, give or take.

Monday, January 6, 2014

My Christmas whiskey

It’s the warmest time of year
Your Christmas whiskey means good cheer
A woozy smile from ear to ear when
Your Christmas whiskey time is here
- The Minus Five, "Your Christmas Whiskey"

One of my contributions to the family’s Christmas dinner was to supply the booze. This year I gave something new a try: Yukon Jack Jacapple. With it’s blend of spice and apples, it was a Canadian whiskey everyone - young, old, male, female - enjoyed. For real. I wouldn’t drink it every day, but for the holidays it seemed right.

I also brought a case of Magic Hat. I’m not saying that I chose that particular beer because their G-Thing ale was exclusive to their winter packs, but I’m not not saying that, either. It, too, wouldn’t be my regular thing, but the gingerbread beer was a nice Yuletide treat.